Portugal’s capital city is considered to be one of the world’s most attractive cities to live and invest in. For the past years, it has received the prestigious World Travel Award and best city break destination.
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On the south bank of the Tagus, Setubal has become a rejuvenated city, animated by the real estate dynamics that have given a "new face" to the city, attracting more and more domestic and foreign investors.



Who we are?

Castel-Kramash is a real estate investment group whose main objective is to identify promising real estate assets with the express intention of rehabilitating and transforming these into outstanding investment opportunities.

Currently the group’s activities have been concentrated in specialized real estate offerings in Portugal with particular focus on Lisbon and its surroundings. The success of this venture is supported by highly qualified partnerships and collaborations formed with architects, engineers, lawyers and financial advisors.

Itay Castel and Mordechai Kramash, both accountant and economists, are the owners and founders of the Group. With over forty years of accumulated global experience in all aspects of financial and operational management as well as combined expertise in the real estate sector (construction and promotion), they are perfectly poised to efficiently manage the complexities of international real estate, without losing focus on strong returns.